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"Thank you so much to Matt's Towing tonight for a super quick response time and back on the rd without incident. Highly recommended time and time again. When in need give him a shout."

Fraser Hood
Hood Hardware & Automotive

Winter Driving Tips

Watch the weather

It’s a good idea to visit for local weather reports, before you leave home. Environment Canada issues warnings when it expects blizzards, heavy snow, freezing rain or drizzle, cold snaps and winds.

Blizzards are the… Continue reading

Proper Tire Maintenance

Your vehicle’s tires are engineered to perform safely, day in and day out. But to do their job right, tires need regular maintenance. This pamphlet provides the information you need to maintain your tires properly. Proper tire maintenance is… Continue reading

Know Before You Tow

An Indianapolis, Ind., tow truck driver found himself shackled in handcuffs because he failed to thoroughly check the vehicle he towed from a department store fire lane. With a quick look, the operator may have seen the 7-year-old boy asleep… Continue reading