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Winter Driving Tips

Watch the weather

It’s a good idea to visit for local weather reports, before you leave home. Environment Canada issues warnings when it expects blizzards, heavy snow, freezing rain or drizzle, cold snaps and winds.

Blizzards are the worst winter storms. They can last six hours or more and bring: falling, blowing and drifting snow; winds of 40 kilometers per hour or more; poor visibility; and temperatures below -10°C.

Snow and ice are more slippery
at 0°C than at -20°C or below.

HEAVY SNOW can bring 10 centimeters or more in 12 hours, or 15 centimeters or more in 24 hours.

Watch for black ice at temperatures between +4°C and -4°C,
where the road surface ahead looks black and shiny. It is
often found on shaded areas of the road, bridges and
overpasses long after the sun has come out.

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